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How to review your SMSF investment strategy

Super law sets out some requirements that trustees of regulated super funds need to consider when formulating an investment strategy. These requirements include (but not limited to) the composition of investments, risk and return, liquidity, insurance and the ability to pay liabilities (including member benefits) as they become due. Looking first at the composition of …

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How to overcome a financial setback

When considering the financial position they’ve achieved in retirement, many Australian retirees share the same opinion: “I wish I’d saved more.” For some people, keeping up with day-to-day living expenses and staying on top of debts is challenging enough, and investing for the future can seem out of reach. Meanwhile, others are better at sticking …

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Market and Economic overview

Australia Headline inflation rose slightly more than expected in the December quarter. Prices rose 0.7% over the three-month period, the fastest quarterly increase in three years. This took the annual inflation rate to 1.8%. The increase was partly due to higher food prices, affected by disruptions to transportation owing to bush fires in November and …

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